There are many updates for the sites on The UnHoly Network including a new layout for the this domain, the central hub for all my websites! The first thing that should be mentioned is that for BurningHalo, I have added some voice clips to the profiles so now you can hear the characters talk about themselves! I actually voice Orion, since I think it was appropriate that I do so (please do not make fun of my voice, I was nervous). I am also very excited because I am getting closer to bringing Soul's Journey online for everyone to read. Please remember that this is my mother's story not mine, but I would still love it if you visit! I am also happy to announce that ElementalEyes is progressing quite well and there have been several updates with new pages and new pieces of artwork. Please visit if you want to see what is happening! AngelicSin is a new story that I have started with a very talented artist named, Jeraisa. It is a story that deals with Angels and Demons and a Mortal that is stuck in the middle. StarCrusade is making a comeback as well and I know that some people will be very excited after such a very long hiatus. I am just waiting on some artwork and it will be back online for everyone to read! I am also excited to announce that UndyingTruth will also be back online fairly soon, there are just a few more things that need to be done before it can be back online but it should not be too much longer. I have also decided to place all my stories, that I have placed on indefinite hiatus, on one webpage. These are stories that many people have started reading but because of time restraints, could not work on anymore. To read these stories, please visit BrokenDesires. I have also added more poetry on my personal poetry site, which is called forever ALONE. There are about four different poems that have been added and I am hopeful that you enjoy them! Thank you for visiting Vivid-Dreams.Org and I hope that you check back to see what else has been updated!

Novel Projects


The Novels section is for novels-in-Progress, BurningHalo is my dark fantasy novel while Soul's Journey is my mothers fantasy novel, both are very good reads in my opinion.

BurningHalo :: Novel-in-Progress :: Visit?

Soul's Journey :: Novel-in-Progress :: Visit?

Manga Projects


I have a great love for manga and I have devloped one of my very own. It is a dark fantasy manga so I would suggest that you proceed with caution because it may contain violence, language and mild nudity.

ElementalEyes :: Original Fantasy :: Visit?

Story Projects


As a writer at heart, I of course had to write some stories of my own. As a lover of anime and games, I decided to make the majority of my stories based on them, but I do have one original story in the mix. I would appreciate it if you had a chance to read them.

        AngelicSin :: Original ::        Visit?

    StarCrusade :: Sailor Moon ::     Visit?

UndyingTruth :: Final Fantasy VII :: Visit?

Shrine Projects


This is the shrine section of VD.Org, where I create little pages dedicated to my favorite characters of anime, manga, games, and animals. Feel free to visit if you wish to learn more about a particular character.

  Deadly Prince :: Rufus ShinRa ::   Visit?

  Heart of Snow :: Snow Leopards ::   Visit?

Lore of Sorrow :: Illidan Stormrage :: Visit?

Other Projects


The other section is where I place all my random sites that I do not know what other category to place them in. This section ranges from my personal poetry to a collection of stories that will be eventually finished.

        BrokenDesires :: Stories ::        Visit?

    forever ALONE :: Poetry ::       Visit?